Where to buy Sugarista Cookies
Platform Restaurant
Open Monday - Friday 11am-2pm
1212 Ave K, Lubbock TX 
(GREAT Lunch Spot!)

Mad Hatter's House of Games
Concession Stand
Open Friday-Saturday Evening
1509 Texas Ave, Lubbock TX 

(Fun Place for Gaming Tournaments!)

West End Farmers Market
Saturday 9:30am - Noon
2910 W Loop 289 #805, Lubbock TX 
(In Front of the Nike Store)

Delivery Apps
Sunday - Wednesday 7pm-12am

Sunday - Wednesday 7pm-10pm

Directly thru Sugarista! :)

Hours of Operation
Friday - Saturday
By Appointment Only

Please order by 8 pm the day before you need your cookies​

Box it Up
Delivery Apps Cookies NOW
Sunday - Wednesday

Sunday - Wednesday