My name is Kimberly Cantu, and I am the majority owner and sole operator of Sugarista, LLC. I graduated from Texas Tech University with a Master’s of Science in Accounting.  I worked as a CPA in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for 8 years, but learned I prefer to use my mad math skills in the kitchen rather than on a ten-key!
The idea for Sugarista began when my friends and I were discussing how hard it is to brighten someone’s day during a rough time. A friend brought to my attention that I have a tendency to bake for those that I care about to express my love. That was the first true spark that ignited Sugarista!  Sugarista would simply not exist without my partners, friends and family.
After a quick initial growth, Sugarista has expanded from a home bakery into renting an industrial kitchen at night.  The plan remains to eventually expand and soar into my own cute brick and mortar store front.  In the meantime, I hope to spread love one baked treat at a time!
Wreck’em Tech,

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*Please call 45 mins before you pick-up for HOT cookies.  There will be a limited number of individually prepackaged cookies for sale at the store if you don't call ahead!

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